A visit to a friend


I’ve come to you like coffee.

My soul is heavy with the rain,

It’s leaving fleeting traces on your chair.

I’ve come to you like a cigar

A moment we remain hanging in the smoke

As dreaming bubbles above this world….


Please play the purifying music

Of those times when we’ve been conceived -

And I’ll be back to you at midnight -

A melody you can’t get out of your mind.






Supernal revelation



Kiss me and I’ll look into

The blue embracing gently

Air, houses and birds.


Like that, we have embraced us in the time –

It’s time to lay the bed for us.






Night temples



After all that useless sins

Do you feel the soul rising shamelessly?


Ice nails are winking by the eyes

Like stars in unseen churches.






A sigh



The wind is flashing over the dark skin.

A current pierces me to the bones, I feel like crying…


The stars are glowing scales

Left of us

Over the dark skin of night.






Beyond my strength



Why have I laughed at what

Today I swear by.

Why have I raised you,

City of my dreams, so high,

My small home withers in the shadow?


This time

I long for growing in a tree

To break your cruel castles up.






I wonder



The table’s staying with the cloth in white.

A woman having waited for the host all night.

The cigarette-hole’s showing rotten wood.

The hollow’s picking up the crumbs,

It will be, it won’t be –

The sparrow’s pecking them.


I’ve lost the beads,

They’ve rolled to somewhere.

I wonder if the sparrow’s children have been sated with

The bread of hope.








Every bright creation is a hard dream today.

As if unseen magic’s pulling the wires

But when we step in – it takes to its heels.


As if we’ve been living for a long time -

Yet a second has been tickling us.

You actually exist – why can’t I kiss you?






No home


I mixed together soap with water

And started to recall –

A bubble fat and warm like Mother,

Another one stiff, firm like Father;

One for the pure solace that is called Friend,

One multiform like Love.

They piled together – a balloon

As big as God Himself.

Through it I looked upon the motley world –

I was about to see

Illusions in the sundown,

The motion in the eye’s periphery becoming true…


But better so be it – unfinished,

Born from an artist’s hand –

With a feeling of something lived not to the end,

That is to stay even after body –



A dream with which it’s lightly for the soul to kiss

And gently to step over.